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School Nursing

The Universal Children’s service provides school nursing for children and young people supporting schools to promote the health and well-being of their children, and training for school staff about health matters. School nurses offer confidential drop-in sessions and can create individual care packages for children with additional needs. The service provides information and advice, with a wide range of public health materials such as leaflets, posters and DVDs. Services can include teaching children and young people about a range of issues and referring them to other services.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Service Manager:Helen Day-Barnes . Contact:Yvonne Golding

Where to go

Highpoint House
Shooters Hill
SE18 3RZ

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Referral required
Referral Details


Your child can contact the school nursing service, or could be referred by somebody in their school, ie a teacher, their GP, or other agency.


You can access this service if your child or young person is aged 5-19 and lives or attends a school/college within the Royal Borough of Greenwich.  This service also supports all Royal Greenwich residents who are not in education or being educated through an alternative education provider or educated at home.

Local Offer


How to complain:

If you need to complain or discuss the service your child is receiving from the School Nursing service you can do this via the Head of the Service, or through the Oxleas Patients Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

Universal Services:

Services available for ALL children 5- 19 years. Referral is accepted from self-referral, school or from any agency. School nurses deliver the Healthy Child Programme which is a public health programme that sets out good practice for prevention and early intervention services. The service is offered in both primary and secondary schools, the family home, child health clinics and other community settings, ie youth centres. Advice is given face to face, or by telephone.

Outline of the Core Service:

Service offered:
• Five years + screening hearing/vision.
• HPV/BCG immunisations.
• Reception height and weight.
• Year 6 height and weight.
• Personal Social Health Education, ie Puberty, Sex and  Relationships, focuses on preventive learning.
• Supporting the national curriculum in schools.
• Drop ins (secondary schools).
• General health advice and clinics on enuresis and behaviour management.
• Liaising with special education teachers.

Physical and emotional well-being:

Drop in clinics within secondary schools.

Access and inclusion resources:

Service is available Monday to Friday 9 am to 5pm. In term time only.

Home visits can be arranged outside these hours.

Telephone advice available 9 to 5pm Monday to Friday.Term time only.

Wide range of public health materials inc. Leaflets, posters DVD’s, Signposting to Web sites.

School based training:

School Nurses train school staff on the use of health care plans epipens and other health conditions, ie asthma.

Targeted Services:

Universal Plus is available to school age children and their families who need additional support at some times.

Targeted support often available for INDIVIDUALS OR SMALL GROUPS within schools, child health clinics or from external agencies including consultation.

Typically short/medium term intervention, one to one, with confidential drop in sessions for specific pieces of work, ie for bed wetting problems, emotional and mental health problems, sleep issues and sexual health advice.

Individual care packages for children with additional health needs.

CAF / BEAN and TAC meetings.


Specific pieces of work for example on self-awareness, smoking, bullying and weight management.

Outline of the Core Service:

Service offered:
• Support individuals and groups in schools.
• Focusing on teaching children/young people on specific topics or doing group work around drug taking/smoking.
• Signposting to other services.
• Enuresis training, sleep and behaviour support to both children/young people and parents/carers.
• Staff in secondary schools trained to give out the morning after pill/condoms.
• Advice and support for parents with children who have health concerns, ie ADHD.

Physical and emotional well-being:

All Universal Services and any additional support that your child/ family may need.

• Staff trained to deliver tier 1 early intervention emotional wellbeing work in secondary schools. 
• Delivery of Webster Stratton approach in primary School.
• Drop in clinics within secondary schools and outreach areas.
• Referral to Community Paediatrics, voluntary groups, and associations.

Access and inclusion resources:

Same as for Universal:

School based training:

Same as for Universal

Specialist Services:

This means all of the Universal and Universal Plus Services and the support you may receive which is planned and delivered in partnership with you and with other services, such as: 

• Specialist interventions with on-going intervention via outside agencies, may involve individual support and may need to be accessed by a statutory assessment.
• Typically medium/longer term intervention, ie. working with children with a disability, those with mental health issues or with risky behaviour/pregnancy.
• Signposting to other services.
• Case Conferences, TACs, CAFs, BEANS.

Outline of the Core Service:

Service offered:
• This could include work using the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and Team Around the Child meetings (TAC). Using the CAF and TAC to help with your child or  family’s needs means your family will receive a coordinated package of care which includes all of the services which have a role in meeting the child/young person’s medical needs.
• Universal Partnership Plus also includes the times when it is necessary to set plans to keep children safe from harm.
• Specialist interventions with ongoing intervention via outside agencies. This may involve individual support and may need to be accessed by a statutory assessment.
• Typically medium/longer term intervention, ie working withchildren with a
disability, those with mental health issues or with risky behaviour/pregnancy.
• Signposting to other services.
• Case Conferences, TACs, CAFs, BEANS.

Physical and emotional well-being:

Same as for Universal and Universal Plus.
• Includes joint working with other agencies and sharing of information.
• Advice and support for parents with children who have health concerns, ie. vulnerable/self-harming
• Drop in clinics within secondary schools and outreach areas

Access and inclusion resources:

Same as for Universal and Universal Plus.

School based training:

Same as for Universal.

Local Offer Age Bands
Pre-Birth - 5 years
5-11 years
11-16 years


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