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Do you know when to stop drinking app

Most people enjoy a drink – after work, at the weekend, or on occasions such as nights out with friends, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries.

But if you find that drinking has become a bit of a routine for you, you may be putting yourself at risk without realising it. Drinking too much too often can have consequences; to your health, happiness and wellbeing.

Understanding your alcohol intake and what this can mean for you can help you stay in control of your drinking and stay healthier longer.

If you, or someone you support, have concerns about alcohol and live, work or study in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, try out the FREE online and confidential identification and brief advice (IBA) tool.

The tool offers advice about your alcohol intake, tips on how to cut down and stay healthy, as well as details of where to get local help and support, if needed. The tool can also be used to make a referral for extra support should you choose it.



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Do you know when to stop?