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Remembering Yesterday Caring Today

Remembering Yesterday Caring Today is a series of two-hour sharing stories and having fun sessions offered to people with dementia together with a close relative - such as a husband, wife, partner, son, daughter, sister - once a week for 8 weeks. The sessions will be held in the Mirror Room of the Old Swimming Baths - home of the University of Greenwich Drama Programme.

Music, drama, drawing, singing, dancing and good conversation will be used to create a light-hearted atmosphere for sharing lifetime memories and bringing families closer together. Experience shows that sharing past memories about life events, activities and relationships helps support these relationships in the present.

The sessions will be led by Pam Schweitzer, founder of Remembering Yesterday Caring Today and Director of the European Reminiscence Network. She is a skilled and experienced facilitator. Each session will be supported by trained volunteers and apprentice group facilitators who all have an understanding of dementia and the art of reminiscence

If you would like to come along to these sessions or know someone else who would enjoy Remembering Yesterday Caring today, please contact Angelika Welzel-Connolly, Dementia Action Coordinator

Telephone 020 8921 8533


Pre-booking essential

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