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What is a Personal Assistant?

A Personal Assistant (PA) is someone who is employed to provide everyday care and support. This may include personal and domestic care, support to get out and about, as well as other day to day activities. A PA can offer the most control over services as they are better able to support an individual’s specific needs and promote independence.

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What can a PA do?

A PA is able to provide a variety of support that helps people to live more independently and manage their own needs. A PA works directly with the person they are supporting, and often can provide more flexible support e.g. supervising a person to prepare a meal, or making the meal themselves on days when that person is feeling unwell.

The support provided by a PA can vary according to the needs of the people they work for. This may include providing support with personal care, such as washing and dressing; helping to get out and about, such as going to the shops or getting to work; or even just sitting with someone to provide company. 

How can I get a PA?

PA’s can be employed privately or with the use of a Direct Payment after you have been assessed by the local authority.

If you wish to privately employ a PA there are a number of services available to help you find someone to suit you. Services provided by the Greenwich Association of Disabled People or the Person 2 Person Marketplace will help to match you with someone who is able to work with you both personally and professionally.

If you would prefer to employ a PA with the support of the local authority you will need to have an assessment of your needs with a view to receiving a Direct Payment.

To find out more about the assessment process and Direct Payments, please follow the links, “How do I get a service?” and “What is Choice and Control” below.

Further Information

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