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Good Food in Greenwich

The ‘Good Food in Greenwich’ (Good FiG) Charter is a local movement that encourages individuals, businesses and organisations to sign up and make a pledge to grow, sell and cook healthy, environmentally-friendly produce. It’s designed for people living or working in the borough who want to commit to Good Food, and help transform Greenwich into a great place for good food for all.

Anyone can make a pledge and many people in Greenwich are already making the Good FiG movement a reality. Greenwich residents and staff at children’s centres, schools, and businesses across the borough have become ‘Good Food Partners’ and pledged their support. Some of the pledges our ‘Partners’ are making include:

  • Reducing the amount of food they throw away
  • Buying locally sourced produce from local shops and suppliers
  • Growing their own food and cooking from scratch

To get on board and become a ‘Good Food Partner’ yourself, sign a pledge today to make one change to support Good Food in Greenwich. Click here for some suggested pledge ideas to get you started, or for more inspiration from our ‘Partners,’ click here. Better still, why not make up your own?

Find out more about Good FiG, by following @foodinGreenwich on twitter, liking the facebook/goodfoodingreenwich page or visiting

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Good Food in Greenwich