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Disabled Fitness, Exercise and Mobility Advice

Keeping fit, active and mobile when you have a physical disability is key to maintaining both your physical and mental health as well as getting the most out of your bodies mobility.

Wheelchair user Scott Smith has been a wheelchair user since the age of 9 and has dedicated his adult life to helping others by offering advice, services and products designed to meet a number of disability challenges.

The following details may be of assistance to many disabled people, their families and carers both locally and nationally throughout the UK.

Links have been highlighted and made clickable  to assist those with vision or dexterity issues.

Wheelchair scales that can be used in your home are vital for diet and weight loss and removes the need to go to a dedicated health centre to be weighted.  This and the addition of a dedicated wheelchair fitness trainer enables at home weight loss and fitness training that has proved to be vital during COVID-19 isolation.

Wheelchair user Scott has gone one step further by offering details of a beach wheelchair that was designed to enable wheelchair users onto otherwise inaccessible beach and sand areas and a wheelchair power attachment that attaches and detaches quickly and easily to your wheelchair transforming it into a powered trike, ideal for those with weakness or the arms including tetraplegic and paraplegic users.

As if that wasn’t enough, after experiencing difficulties finding a suitable vehicle to meet his access and mobility needs, Scott came up with the idea of  WAV Compare, a site dedicated to helping people find as well as sell their own wheelchair accessible vehicle.


Full advice on all these issues is offered via the websites highlighted above (simply click the highlighted link of interest) to help other disabled people become fitter, healthier and more mobile.

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Scott Smith
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Disability Adviser
The Accessible Planet

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