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Deaf Umbrella CIC

Provides pre employment training to support deaf people coming off benefits and in to the labour market.

Our mission is:To empower people who are Deaf by supporting their communication and promoting their opportunities for education and employment.To help those working with people who are Deaf by providing high-quality support and professional development
To enlighten and educate the wider community to the needs of Deaf people
To support and secure employment for Deaf job seekers of all ages

Our role is:To provide well-qualified and professional support workers to help people who are Deaf communicate in the hearing world
To foster independence and personal growth to our Deaf service users
To enable the Deaf community to gain wider recognition
To provide employment related services to people who are Deaf

Our values:As individuals, we are committed to providing a dedicated and high-quality service which supports and expands the opportunities of people who are Deaf in the hearing world.

As a business, we understand that our professionalism is the key to winning custom and building partnerships.

As an employer, we know our most valuable resource is our employees – we recruit the best and make them even better with the award winning support and training we provide.

Who to contact

Deaf Umbrella

Where to go

Deaf Umbrella Ltd,
Bank Of America House, 6th Floor,
26 Elmfield Road