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Scam - Rogue Trader

Royal Greenwich Trading Standards are warning residents to be aware of
cold callers currently operating in the Borough.
These Fraudsters are knocking on doors and making up various excuses to do
maintenance on your house, this tends to be guttering or roofing work.
A lot of the time this work is not necessary at all, the traders will damage
your property and tell you that more work is required; the price of this work
will keep increasing into many thousands of pounds.
These are gangs of organised criminals who are only interested in taking as
much money as possible from you.

Who to contact


Trading Standards advise residents not to use cold callers for work needed on
your property.

You can use our “What Trader scheme” for approved traders; further info can
be obtained by calling Trading Standards on the number below.

Remember to SAY NO to Rogue Traders.
 SAY NO to uninvited callers.
 SAY NO to cash payments.
 SAY NO to unnecessary repairs.
 SAY NO politely but firmly.

Parent Organisation
Royal Greenwich Trading Standards Rapid Response Team