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Avant Gardening

Avant-Gardening is a socially-engaged arts and environment project aimed at engaging all sectors of the community with environment, communication and sustainability issues through art, gardening and community engagement.

Young and old alike will come together to unleash their creativity in thought-provoking but fun workshops and activities. Avant-Gardening aims to solicit the community's creative responses to their shared environment; the public spaces they interact in and their inter-personal relationships.

Communities come together to rethink their own environment or explore perceptions of their community through an ongoing and organically evolving programme of arts which will give a voice to the participants and involve them in cutting-edge arts projects and activities.

Avant-Gardening brings fun and creativity into the city's urban green spaces and encourages participants to reconsider their local environment and their interaction with it.

Please go to our website for further information. 

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Avant Gardening