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Scam - Gran Scam

Criminals often target older people to scam them out of their money.
What can you do to protect Gran from getting scammed?

Signs Gran might be responding to scams and how to help:

Receiving lots of post and sending lots of
post to companies abroad.
Goes through large amounts of stamps and
cheque books.
Receiving lots of phone calls from strangers
or companies.
Large amounts of cheap tat and scam mail.
Frequent visits to the Post Office or bank.
Unpaid bills.

What can you do?

If you’re worried Gran might be susceptible to
telephone scams look at installing a call blocker.
Sort her mail with her so she can recognise a scam.
Get Gran’s permission to redirect her mail.
The most important thing you can do is spend time
with Gran. Many older people respond to scams
as a result of loneliness or social isolation.

Who to contact


If you want advice on scams, want to
report a scam or need advice on how
to help someone you think has been
scammed please contact the
Citizens Advice Consumer Service
on 03454 040506.

Parent Organisation
Royal Greenwich Trading Standards Rapid Response Team