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MCSAS - Hearts of Love

Working with young and vulnerable people to gradually help in their efforts to eradicate gang, gun and knife crime. We use Graffiti Arts on Canvas, Photography, Filming, Music and Dance as creative materials; and as tools to help them share their skills.
1.Encourage healthy eating
2.Help to get out of gang, drug, gun and knife and crime
3.Making it safer for youth & family in the community, school and on street
4.Create opportunities for youth to enjoy one another
5.Help every youngster to develop a sense of belonging and achieving
6.Guiding them to make positive contribution to the community they live
7.Reminding children and young people about the power and the benefits of positive thinking
8.Training young people to become future finance managers; making it safer and the best way to tackle any kind of economic problems in the near future.

Who to contact

0208 856 0549

Where to go

Flat 97, Halton Court, 38
Handley Drive
Last updated on 13/07/2016
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