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Greenwich Handyperson Service

Need some help doing jobs around your home? Contact the Greenwich Handyperson Service.

The service provides help for people who are 60 or over, or those with a disability, doing essential small jobs around the house so you do not have to.

What jobs can I get done?

Here are some examples of the jobs that the Handyperson Service can take on:

  • checking and installing smoke detectors
  • hanging or taking down curtains, curtain rails or blinds
  • changing fluorescent light tubes
  • putting up shelves
  • replacing toilet seats
  • setting central heating programmers
  • bleeding radiators
  • minor plumbing jobs
  • minor electrical jobs
  • minor carpentry jobs
  • cleaning out gutters.

How much does it cost?

Any older or disabled resident can get these jobs carried out free of charge:

  • changing simple light bulbs
  • installing grab rails
  • removing trip hazards.

The Handyperson Service can also carry out other jobs, which are:

  • free if you get an income related benefit, such as Housing Benefit or Guaranteed Pension Credit
  • carried out at a reasonable charge for other older or disabled residents.

For further details regarding the Greenwich Handyperon Service, please visit the Royal Borough of Greenwich website

Who to contact

020 8921 2614
Greenwich Handyperson Service
Last updated on 14/07/2016
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