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What is a Personal Budget?

A Personal Budget is a sum of money allocated to you by the Royal Borough of Greenwich to organise your care and support. Following your assessment you will be advised if a Personal Budget has been allocated to you. You will agree how this budget will be spent in your Support Plan. Most people are required to contribute towards their Personal Budget. This contribution is determined in a financial assessment.

For further information about receiving a Personal Budget, please call 020 8921 2304 or email

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How do I manage my Personal Budget?

You are able to use your budget in a number of different ways to pay for the services and support you need.

Direct Payments give you the greatest amount of choice and control over your services. This can be attractive as you are able to have more of a say on how your care is provided.

You can manage the money yourself, or you can have someone you trust manage it for you. Your local Authority may be able to manage the budget on your behalf.

Remember, your Personal Budget is designed to meet your social care needs, so there are some things you must not spend your budget on. For more information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Direct Payments page of this website. 

Find out more about Personal Budgets by clicking here.

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