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Types of Abuse

There are a different types of abuse that you should be aware of. It is important to remember that abuse is not always intentional, and incidents such as neglect may occur because of a lack of knowledge or understanding.

Bullying and Discrimination

  • When someone is rude to you

  • When someone shouts or swears at you

  • When someone treats you differently because of your race, gender, age or disability

Physical Abuse

  • When someone hurts your body

  • They may kick, punch or hit you

  • They may treat you roughly

Emotional Abuse

  • When someone tries to upset or scare you

  • When someone makes you feel bad

  • They may shout, swear or call you names

Financial Abuse

  • When someone takes your money

  • They may take your things when you don’t want them to

  • They may try to trick you into spending money


  • When someone doesn’t look after you properly

  • They may put you in danger

  • They may not give you food or medicine

  • They may not help you to keep yourself clean

Sexual Abuse

  • When someone touches your body when you don’t want them to

  • When someone tries to make you touch them when you don’t want to

  • They may try to make you do or watch things you don’t like

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