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Alternatives to residential and nursing care

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is committed to promoting independence and enabling people to live in their own homes for as long as possible. Sometimes there are alternative options to residential or nursing care that may be more suitable, and will help a person to live more independently whilst continuing to ensure their safety.

Your assessing officer can give you more information about what services may best suit you.


If you are assessed as being eligible for social care support, you will first be considered for short term, intensive support. This service is known as Reablement, and can work well for people who have had a sudden health setback, or who have been discharged from hospital and need some additional support.

Care at Home

A little additional support at home can make all the difference to help a person to continue living in their own home. The Choice and Control assessment is able to provide support in the home that offers a person flexible choice and control over their services.

Intermediate Care

A similar service to reablement, Intermediate Care offers short term intensive support for individuals who may have suffered fall or a sudden health setback, but require more hands on assistance. Intermediate Care takes place in a rehabilitation unit, with access to 24 hour care and on-site therapy services.

Age Specific / Senior Living / Over 55s Accommodation

This is accommodation that is designed for older people but is not sheltered or Extra Care sheltered housing, and so has no support or care built into the scheme. Although support is not built in, residents may have an individual support package provided to them at their home.

Sheltered Housing and Extra Care Sheltered Housing

Sheltered Housing is an independent living scheme with a local warden who manages the site and can provide support for the residents who live there. Extra Care Sheltered Housing is a similar service, with the addition of on-site carers present 24 hours a day, to help residents carry out day to day activities such as personal care.

Greenwich Telecare

Greenwich Telecare provides a wide range of monitoring equipment. It ranges from a standard Telecare alarm that can activate an emergency call when the user presses a button on a bracelet or pendant; to sophisticated sensors that will trigger an emergency call if a bath is overflowing or the gas has been left on. Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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