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What should I do in an emergency?

Emergencies come in many forms, and often with little if any warning. These can range from transport or industrial accidents through to utilities failures or severe weather events. Thankfully, these events are rare, and the emergency services and local government have tried and tested plans in place to minimise the impacts when they happen.

What should I do in an emergency?

Common sense and your instincts will usually tell you what to do but remember to:

Tell the emergency services by phoning 999 – don’t assume that someone else will do it! The emergency services can gauge the severity of an incident from the number of calls that they receive. 

Remember to give them as much information as you can – it will help them decide on the size of their response. If you can, let them know:

  • What has happened
  • What is happening now
  • Where it has happened
  • How many people are involved
  • How large an area is involved
  • If anyone is injured
  • Anything else you think they should know

Don’t put yourself or others in danger.

Try to remain calm and check for injuries – remember to help yourself before trying to help others.

Follow the advice of the emergency services.

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