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Carer's Contingency Scheme - Planning for an emergency

Greenwich Carers Centre run an initiative called the ‘Carer’s Contingency Scheme’. It’s a service that offers carers the opportunity to write a ‘plan’ that can be put into effect should anything happen to you – such as an accident or an emergency – that means you cannot continue to care. You are provided with an emergency card to carry around with you and registration to borough’s 24/7 community alarm service.

The service starts by you thinking about what would happen if you were involved in an accident or taken ill suddenly.  Who would look after the person you care for?  The contingency plan ‘tool’ will allow you to put down information that can be used by someone so that they can offer the help the person you care for needs.  The carer’s emergency card, which you will carry with you in your bag, pocket or wallet, will have the telephone details of the person/people that need to be contacted if you are involved in an accident or taken ill. Those people can then take over your caring role until the emergency is over or you have recovered from your accident.

If relevant, they will also suggest that you make use of the Bottle in a Fridge service; this allows you to record the medication details of the person you care for (or yourself if necessary) onto a sheet of paper that will be identified by any medical or emergency service staff that need to access your home. 

For further information about both of these services, please contact the Greenwich Carers Centre.

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