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What is care in the home?

Usually when we refer to care in the home, we mean that a carer – this might be a professional from a care agency, a personal assistant or a family member – will provide support for someone in their own home. Carers may include: 

  • An Agency Carer: Sometimes known as a formal carer, agency carers work for a regulated care agency. You can arrange services with a care agency privately, or via the Royal Borough of Greenwich following an assessment.
  • A Personal Assistant: A personal assistant is an individual who works independently for you and is not part of a care agency. Personal assistants may be more flexible with the type of support they provide and the hours they work. You can arrange services with a personal assistant privately, or via the Royal Borough of Greenwich using a Direct Payment.
  • A friend or family member: Friends and family members can often provide extensive support to husbands, wives, friends and neighbours. If you or someone you know is providing care for someone, you may be entitled to a carer’s assessment. This will help you to find any support available to help you as a carer.

 The support provided at home will depend what the person needs help with. This is known as their needs, and includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Personal Care: This might include helping someone to get washed and/or dressed.
  • Meals: Preparing and providing someone with a meal. This might also include encouraging or helping the person to eat.
  • Medication Prompts: This often involves reminding and/or encouraging to the person to take their mediation (Note: carers cannot usually administer medication and commonly must be done by a qualified nurse).
  • Toileting: Assisting a person to use the toilet or commode (i.e. sitting and standing). This can also include changing incontinence pads and/or bedding.
  • Mobility and Transfers: Helping a person to move around their home or up and down stairs. Helping a person to get in and out of bed and/or chairs.
  • Sitting Service: Keeping a person company or making sure they are safe if they cannot be left alone for extended periods of time.

 To find out more about arranging care in the home and what support is available, please download our Choice and Control booklet.

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